Thank you for your interest in joining the Derm In-Review Advisory Board. The application period has now ended.

Become a Derm In-Review Advisory Council (DIRAC) Member

The Derm In-Review Advisory Council (DIRAC) is a select group of top-performing dermatology residents and early career dermatologists who serve as content reviewers and subject-matter experts. They contribute their knowledge and time to ensure Derm In-Review remains the #1 study tool of choice for dermatology residents.

The Derm In-Review Advisory Council is chaired by Dr. Adam Friedman, Professor, Residency Program Director, and Interim Chair of Dermatology at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Known for his forward-thinking approach to dermatology and his desire to support the next generation of dermatologists, Dr. Friedman is constantly spearheading innovative ways to increase emphasis on educational outcomes and serve as an exemplary role model for dermatology residents. Dr. Friedman has been and continues to be instrumental in the success of Derm In-Review, contributing his expertise to the constant review of our program.

Under Dr. Friedman’s guidance, members of the Derm In-Review Advisory Council help evaluate and choose content for our study tools and resources so that they reflect the most robust and up-to-date content all dermatology residents should know. Furthermore, DIRAC members are offered career development opportunities through other Derm In-Review media partners including Next Steps in Derm, the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD), the Skin of Color Update, and the ODAC conference. Examples of these additional career development opportunities are:

  • Be an onsite correspondent at the Skin of Color Update and ODAC conferences, and other national dermatology meetings
  • Paid internships to fulfil the role of medical writer for Derm In-Review’s mentoring site Next Steps in Derm
  • Direct access to renowned thought leaders in the field to conduct interviews on trending dermatology topics
  • Become peer reviewers for all faculty lectures presented at the Skin of Color Update and ODAC conferences
  • Early Career Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD)
  • ARTE Scholarships

All DIRAC members receive recognition and credit in all of Derm In-Review publications and sponsored events and are welcome to cite their contributions in their CVs.

How does someone become a Derm In-Review Advisory Council member?

Residents towards their second year of residency are welcome to submit an application along with their CV, ITE Exam scores, and letter of interest. Once applications have been reviewed, selected candidates are asked to complete a DIR exercise aimed at testing their knowledge and skills. The final selection of new members is completed by the DIRAC Chair, Dr. Adam Friedman.

What type of commitment is expected from a DIRAC member?

Members are asked to serve for a two-year term and complete a minimum of 5 projects per year in order to maintain their status. On an occasional basis, members are eligible to receive honoraria for completing certain projects that may require a more extensive time commitment.

Members for PGY-3 and Fellow positions are selected yearly; all other positions automatically roll over to the next position serving for a total of two consecutive years. For example, PGY-3 members selected to serve during 2020 will automatically move onto the PGY-4 position for 2021.