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Welcome to the Derm In-Review Online Resource!

Derm In-Review is one of the top board review prep courses available for dermatology residents and re-certifying dermatologists available! The content in Derm In-Review is written and edited by top thought leaders in the field of dermatology. With over 3,100 board review questions and 4,200 images targeted to help with your board prep, Derm In-Review helps take the stress out of preparing for the American Board of Dermatology (ABD) Certifying Examination.

At Derm In-Review (DIR), we recognize that everyone learns differently. To make this Online Study System effective, we present the core concepts of dermatology in different formats so that you can choose which method works best for you.

  • New Questions added continuously!
  • Timed, Board Simulated Exams
  • Matching and Customizable Quizzes
  • Study by Chapter
  • Monthly Case Studies
  • Audio files for each chapter
  • Sonic Healthcare, USA Dermpath Slide Study Tool
  • Electronic version of the Study Guide
  • Flashcards
  • Krazy Kodachromes
  • GWU In-Service Scramble Board Review

Good luck!

As a first year derm resident, the amount of study content can be overwhelming. Derm-in-Review has been helpful in breaking it down and highlighting high yield information. I would highly recommend it to any incoming residents!

Taylor D.

Best dermatology study guide around! This is a MUST during your board prep...Love the study guide and high yield quizzes!

Kaitlin S.

Derm In-Review is my #1 study resource with the vast supply of practice questions on all important topics. I recommend it highly to all my co-residents and sometimes we even do group study quizzes.

Diana N.

Derm-In-Review was an essential resource for my residency and boards prep. I was extremely grateful to the sponsors that helped provide this material. It was one of the most useful tools I had!

Rob D.Dermatologist

I’ve used Derm In-Review since my first year as a dermatology resident, and I feel that it is a superior source for board review. I know that dermatology residents are forever thankful that such a great resource is available free of charge. Thank you!

Laura J.

As a second year Dermatology resident and studying for boards, DIR is an invaluable tool with over 3000+ questions! No where would you be able to find a free question bank!

Jessica C.

As a first year dermatology resident, the breadth of information is overwhelming. I have really enjoyed using Derm In-Review's study guide, derm path tool, and custom quizzes. They help me organize my study plans and give me some direction on topics to study.

Ariana E.

Derm In Review has been an instrumental resource for helping me prepare for my in-service exam. I particularly like their audio files and question bank, which are by far the best available on the market.

Molly P.

Derm In Review has been integral to my education and preparation for boards. It is a one-of-kind resource that provides valuable education in question and case based format for trainees.

Isha T.

Derm in review is a key tool in passing the boards!

Maria L.

Derm in review is an extremely valuable resource for preparing for the Derm boards! Their online tools and study guide were instrumental in helping me pass my board exam!

Lotika S.

Derm-In-Review is an outstanding resource for dermatology residents in training. Our residency program utilizes the question banks weekly and the study guides daily. The review text is very concise and contains all you need to be successful on in-training exams and for the boards. I am thankful to have a such a great resource provided at no cost to us! It remains an invaluable asset to my training.

Dana B.