Why DIR?

Studying Made Easy

At Derm In-Review (DIR), we recognize that everyone learns differently. To make this Online Study System effective, we present the core concepts of dermatology in different formats so that you can choose which method works best for you.


Test your knowledge

Welcome to the Derm In-Review Online Resource! This interactive website is designed specifically with Board preparation in dermatology in mind. Assess your knowledge in a timed test environment and enhance your knowledge with customizable study tools now!


Stay updated

Review the latest Case Studies and read high-yield information on 16 top-rated categories in dermatology. Get your copy of the complimentary Derm In-Review Study Guide for an interactive companion to the Derm In-Review online resource. 


…and Learn

DIR has the most pertinent information on each chapter displayed in video format for those who like to view a presentation and listen to high-yield facts to study.


To Key Opinion Leaders

The content in DIR is curated by the top thought leaders and Board-rated material in the field of dermatology. Listen to webcasts brought to you by key opinion leaders.

Timed Practice Exams

Review practice questions that simulate the Board exam with the DIR Timed Practice Exam. The timed practice exam allows you to practice for the Boards at your own pace and get real time results.

Board’s Top-Tested Questions

At DIR, we are always striving to be better and our bank of questions is always growing. Create a custom quiz and select questions from the Board’s top-tested categories or filter questions that you’ve seen before or answered correctly. The timed practice exam allows you to practice for the Boards at your own pace and get real time results.

Personalized Dashboard

Utilize your DIR personalized dashboard to review your latest quiz and test results and get the most up-to-date information in dermatology Board review. Your dashboard allows you the opportunity to study by selecting a chapter and reviewing high-yield information on a topic. The DIR dashboard also offers complete and comprehensive Study Tools, packed with custom quizzes, flashcards, and your complimentary Study Guide.

Study Tools including Custom Quizzes, Flashcards, Dermpath Studies & Matching Tests

The DIR Study Tools are your go-to resource for dermatology. DIR offers quick quizzes, flashcards, matching tests, customizable quizzes by category and dermpath images.

Dermpath Study Tool

Flip through the Slide Study with 100 random slides and read through diagnoses. This interactive tool makes it easy to flip through each case at high, medium, and low magnification. Dermpath images are a resource of Derm In-Review, brought to you by our educational partner, Aurora Diagnostics.

Complimentary Derm In-Review Study Guide

Print copies of the comprehensive Study Guide are available to US-based dermatology residents free of charge.

Customized by Category

Prefer to study by medical category? You can review our questions through self-selecting the categories you would like to work on or choose them all! With our tools you can create custom quizzes to meet your needs.

Complimentary Access 24/7

DIR recognizes that everyone studies differently and at different times. Our site’s features are always available to you free-of-charge.


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